How long can you ride in one day?


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My hind end gets tired of sitting to long. Knees and hips get stiff and painful and need to be flexed by me getting off the bike.
My day goes like this:
First two hours no prob.
After that I can do 1.5 hours and I need to stretch
After that after an hour or just a bit more I need to stretch.
That's as long as I've ridden.

I want to drive 8 hours away and not sure how to plan this trip.
Should I attempt 8 hours in one day?
Or maybe go for 5 or 6 and spend the night and go from there?

I've wondered if there is a more comfortable seat, but in reality I think it's my and my 60+ year old joints. I doubt a seat can make that much difference.
Any thoughts appreciated.